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Wilson Ramirez (rumored)

Wilson was born in Dover, N.J. and lived there the first 15 years of his life. He later moved to McAllen,Tx. and graduated high school in Phoenixville,Pa. When he turned 19 he touched down in Southern California. His dream was to become a rap artist, which he pursued for many years, making music with groups such as Latin Bomb Squad, N.T.S and The Suspects. While being in the streets of L.A. he also veered towards the Gang life, but it didn't stop him from following his dreams and realizing he had choices.

Wilson also had a passion for acting looking up to Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino as his favorite Thespians. he started acting classes and did a few background jobs, one being Sons of Anarchy (season 4 episode 9). In 2006, Wilson booked his first feature film called The Blue Hour. As he began to gain ground in his new found profession, Wilson realized before it was too late, that Gang life wasn't for him. His family and his career is all he focuses on now. Recently, Wilson booked a CoStar role on the new show "Scorpion". He loves what he does and appreciates the opportunities given to him.

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